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Angry Birds Universe
Liberty Science Center
Oct 5 - Apr 19
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LSC’s newest premium exhibition, Angry Birds Universe: The Art and Science Behind a Global Phenomenon, is now open! Based on the popular games, the exhibition takes guests of all ages into the world of Angry Birds for interactive adventures, both physically challenging and mentally stimulating. Explore different concepts in science, tech, engineering, arts, and math in an extreme hands-on environment!
The exhibit will feature images which capture the quiet beauty and intimate landscapes of New Jersey’s Pinelands National Reserve by photographer Albert Horner, and artifacts from the NJ State Museum’s collections which tell just some of the stories of the land, animals, people and industries that make the Reserve a state and national treasure. The 40th anniversary of the Pinelands Preservation Act, considered by former Governor Brendan Byrne to be the most important accomplishment of his administration, and the issue most central to his legacy as governor, will be commemorated in 2019. Horner, a self-taught photographer from Medford Lakes, brings curiosity, reverence and a practiced eye to his craft, recording the forests, cedar swamps, meandering waterways and native wildflowers that make the Pinelands unique. In addition to being home to rare plant and animal species, the Reserve also contains archeological sites and a vibrant cultural history of craftspeople, industry and…
Federico Uribe: Animalia
Montclair Art Museum
Feb 8 - Jun 21
Federico Uribe (b. 1962) is a visionary artist creating haunting mixed-media paintings and sculptures as complex as his own upbringing in his native Colombia, where civil war and political instability have long been part of daily life. Now an American citizen, his brightly-colored landscapes and life-sized animal sculptures address modern day’s turmoil, but represent his conviction that destruction and death can be turned into peace and beauty. Visionary and rooted in reality, Uribe creates creatures fashioned from a massive layering of mundane objects including colored pencils, shoes and shoelaces, plastic waste and recycled bullet shells, and reflecting the artist’s alchemical, intuitive and imaginative process.
Norman Bluhm: Metamorphosis
Newark Museum of Art
Feb 11 - May 3
The Newark Museum is pleased to present Norman Bluhm: Metamorphosis, a retrospective of the American painter Norman Bluhm (1920-1999).  With works dating from 1947-1998, this will be the first monographic survey of Bluhm’s career, bringing together 17 large-scale paintings on canvas and 25 works on paper from the artist’s estate and from distinguished public and private collections. Bluhm combined vigorous and expressive brushwork with a lavish sense of color and formal experimentation on a grand scale.